Audio School Renovation pictures

In order to keep up with the advancements in acoustic treatments, TARA has just taken on a major renovation in our main teaching studio. We have removed the acoustic foam that surrounded the main console and replaced it with broadband absorption panels and Helmholtz bass traps strategically placed around the room to create an amazing sound throughout the room and a much more balanced sound in the mix position.

We think it looks almost as good as it sounds.

This renovation is just another part of our dedication to providing our students with a real in studio education. We are constantly reviewing and updating the equipment we have in our studios. This year we have added to our mic cabinet again, moved to a MOTU interface and added API 3124+ Preamps to ensure our students have access to professional level equipment in studio. This is one way that we ensure our students get the best audio recording education possible while at TARA

Interested in seeing the new studio? Contact us for a tour.